Why Pop-ups Are A Pop-Ular Choice

With the domino effect still being felt on high streets, the manifestation of temporal retail space seems to have turned the world ‘on its head’ and this trend is dubbed as POP-UP SHOPS. Though the term is not new to our ears, there are very few companies that have it under its belt.

To the casual bystander, pop ups are just ‘temp’ stores with little or no impact to the world of marketing. But today, starved consumers need a bit of entertainment and excitement in their lives and those of them that are SMART, are witnessing the shift from Bricks to clicks, to what some dub as “Quicks”.





Yes, we know that brands out there are spoilt for choice however, the double dip recession has put them on a monetary diet thus, the relentless search for new formats that create a true customized experience- almost bespoke to the brand and its heritage.

PopUp’s is just one format out of the many out there but one of the hottest trends in retail today, mainly because there is a percentage drop in sales, a record high of shop vacancy rates (15% from 4% in 2007) and the acceleration of the economic meltdown leading to an increased availability of temporary space in most markets.

That combination alone, paves a market for innovative players to be largely opportunistic and exploitative. Whether it’s trying to increase store sales by expanding beyond geographic footprints, or increasing sales by increasing market penetration, or connecting the store/brand to the lives of the customers outside the store at the moment when they are most inclined to purchase. PopUp’s can become the new strategic tool to communicate, collaborate and consume an audience.

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